Faster sales cycles - lower costs per sale

CustomCommerce's rules-based configurator replicates the knowledge of your best sales rep, allowing you to effectively sell complex products online. End-customers and new sales reps can specify product options and generate order-ready part numbers with no assistance or training.

As users select product options, the configurator ensures that choices are valid and compatible with previous selections. Images and help messages can be provided with each option to guide users to the correct configuration. “Quick ship” and other preferred options are highlighted.

Customers specify products in minutes. Sales reps turnaround customer requests without delay. Back and forth sales cycles are eliminated along with order errors and product returns. When customers can choose products easily, quickly and accurately, they come back again and again.

A configurator is only as good as your ability to enter and maintain the data and rules that drive it. Using ContentStudio, Technicon’s Web-based content editor, common options can be applied across entire product lines and setting constraints is as easy as checking boxes in a table.

Configuration is only one part of the sales process. The CustomCommerce configurator is tightly integrated with Technicon’s product visualization, documentation and e-commerce tools to produce accurate and professional-grade proposals, quotes and orders.