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Catalogs that sell products

Today, buyers research products on the Web before ever contacting suppliers. If a manufacturer’s products aren’t online, they don’t exist.

With an online catalog, you’re always open for business. However, simply putting products on the Web doesn’t ensure success. Sales come from presenting products in ways that engage customers. That’s what our catalogs do.

Customers expect to find products with a minimum of mouse clicks or taps on a tablet. Filtering, keyword and parametric search let customers quickly narrow product choices. Multiple navigation paths let customers get to any catalog page in one or two clicks.

Catalog pages offer the rich set of information that customers are looking for. Images, video and CAD files can be showcased. Side-by-side product comparisons facilitate product selection. Links to related products promote cross and up-selling.

For complex products, a configurator lets customers select options and determine the exact part number they need. Your customers are pre-sold before they even contact you.

Once you sell a product, your relationship with your customers continues. Aftermarket catalogs let customers quickly locate spare parts, product upgrades and accessories.

When customers know they can find the right products for their needs, your catalog becomes the one they return to.


  • Support 10,000s of products and users
  • Highlight preferred products to shape demand
  • Integrated product configurator
  • Aftermarket catalogs for parts
  • Easily maintained and updated
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Web-based, mobile ready
  • Access anytime, anywhere