Configure Price Quote End-to-End CPQ for Manufacturers

Create high-quality, custom quotes in minutes, not days

Assembling price quotes is costly and time-consuming for manufacturers. The more complex your products, the more options that need to be specified and the greater the chances for errors.

Technicon and Tacton deliver configure, price and quote (CPQ) solutions that let your sales staff quickly turnaround accurate quotes, proposals and bid packages. By making your CPQ solution available to your most valued customers, buyers can generate their own quotes without delay. Your sales staff is free to focus on larger opportunities

Quoting the right products at the right price

Tacton CPQ is the fastest growing CPQ solution for manufacturers worldwide, incorporating the full suite of Tacton’s guided sales, configuration and advanced document generation tools. Used by more than 300 companies, Tacton’s powerful configurator handles even the most complex product and pricing structures.

Tacton’s guided sales tools translate your customers’ requirements into the right offerings (products, services, pricing and bundles), allowing customers, sales representatives and channel partners to replicate the knowledge of your best product experts.

Prices and discounts can be set based on customer and market segment and optimized for price or margin. Your sales representatives can be confident they are offering the right products for their customers at the right price. You gain better control of your margins, resulting in increased profitability.

From quote to order to production

Tacton’s document generation tools automate the production of proposal packages, including technical summaries, drawings, product sheets, user manuals, bills of materials and spare parts lists. Document templates can be customized to quickly generate professional, branded quotes tailored to your customer’s needs.

Quotes are populated with customer data from your CRM system and when ready, submitted to your ERP system for fulfillment. Tacton CPQ offers out-of-the-box connectors for the major ERP systems and native integration for cloud-based services such as Salesforce.

Design data captured during the quote process is sent to CAD engines to generate drawings and 3D models for manufacturing. Bills of material and routings are output to expedite production.

Monitoring and maintaining your system

Tacton CPQ Analytics lets you monitor your sales performance through online dashboards and executive reports. CPQ system logs and data from CRM and ERP systems are converted into actionable metrics to alert you to changing customer behaviors and market trends.

Maintaining your CPQ system is a team effort. TCbackoffice lets your team collaborate effectively by providing web-based data management, file versioning, synchronization with external systems, and data testing and validation.

Using CPQ solutions from Technicon and Tacton, you generate quotes that represent the best products for your customer’s needs and never have to worry about your competitors being able to out-respond you.


  • Enable consistent, accurate quotes
  • Configure complex products
  • Optimize pricing and margins
  • Generate service contracts
  • Automate drawing production
  • Easily maintained and updated
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Web-based, online and offline
  • Deploy to mobile devices
  • Analytics and reports