Design Automation Custom designs that sell more products

Design Automation from Sales to Design to Manufacture

With customers seeking more engineered-to-order (ETO) and customized products, you need solutions that not only capture engineering knowledge, but use that knowledge to automate key business processes.

Partnering with leading CAD providers, Technicon and Tacton deliver the tools you need to capture customer specifications, apply engineering and business rules, and flow your CAD and design data from sales to design and manufacture.

Tacton’s design automation tools helps you transition from 2D to 3D. Master 3D models and configuration logic combine to produce all variants of a product. Drawings for any variant are dynamically generated, eliminating the need to maintain large, static libraries of drawings.

Salespersons and engineers select options and enter dimensions in the sales configurator. Using TactonWorks and TactonInventor, configurator data is integrated with Dassault SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor. Drawings, renderings and 3D models are generated for customer, engineering and manufacturing use.

The time to produce technical documentation for proposals and bid packages goes from days to minutes. Design cycles are shortened, design errors reduced and repetitive design tasks automated.

Engineering and design resources are freed to focus on where they can best add value – innovating new products and improving existing ones.


  • Capture engineering data during the sales process
  • Dynamically generate drawings and models
  • SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner
  • Autodesk Silver Partner
  • Integrate with Inventor ETO
  • Web-based