PIM Product Information Management for Complex Products

Managing data for thousands of products with millions of variations

Your product information is a powerful company asset. Yet for many manufacturers, product data is stored across disparate and isolated systems. Key marketing data is locked in drawings and spec sheets.

The cost of maintaining data is multiplied by the number of places it’s stored. Data becomes out-of-date and out-of-sync between systems. What is the cost to a company when it publishes incorrect data?

Technicon takes a strategic approach to product information management (PIM) to provide a central source of product data that can drive multiple applications across sales channels. A central repository for non-transactional product information breaks down existing silos of information.

Using typical PIM systems, product data can only be stored at a SKU or configured product level. For complex products with numerous options, a single product can explode into millions of SKUs. How do you manage millions of products?

Using Technicon’s ContentStudio catalog editor, a single product in the PIM system can represent all the SKUs that can result from configuring a product’s options. A familiar and intuitive interface lets your content stakeholders manage their own product data.

Your product data is easily maintained and quickly updated to bring new products to market and adapt to changing market conditions. And the same up-to-date product data is available to all your internal systems and channels.


  • Designed for complex products
  • Business users maintain their own data
  • Integrated product configurator for testing rules
  • Enter data for multiple languages in one screen
  • Editors collaborate across the web
  • Deploy to mobile devices