Integration Share product information across the enterprise


Breaking down silos of information

CPQ, catalog and configuration systems aren’t deployed in a vacuum. Your company has made a significant investment in an alphabet soup of ERP, CRM, PLM, SCM and CAD systems. Without integration, your systems become isolated silos, requiring redundant resources to maintain them and increasing the likelihood of discrepancies between systems.

Designed from the ground up to work with other systems, the Tacton Configurator has been successfully integrated with hundreds of applications. Standardized APIs, pre-built connectors and an easily maintained and scalable architecture let us quickly deploy enterprise-grade integrations with your existing systems, on-premises or in the cloud.

Sharing information between new and existing systems leads to increased efficiencies and a greater return on investment across the enterprise. Technicon and Tacton offer standard integration solutions for the leading technology providers and systems shown above.