Configuration Replicate your best product experts

  • Asks about customer needs rather than manufacturers’ parts

  • Lets customers make selections in the order that makes sense for them

  • Recognizes when options conflict and recommends the best solution

  • Optimizes on solution-wide criteria such as price, weight and delivery time

  • Deduces the best solution based on available data

  • Always presents the optimal solution

Always provide the optimal configuration for your customer and you

Accurately configuring and assembling complex products requires a high level of expertise. Incorrectly configured products result in costly back-and-forth sales cycles, delayed orders, product returns and dissatisfied customers.

The Tacton Configurator applies a powerful, constraint-based configurator engine to replicate the knowledge of your best product experts.

Users select product options in any order, specifying those that are most important to them first. New sales reps and customers can generate order-ready part numbers no matter how complex the product or number of variables.

Guided selling finds the right products

Configurators ensure that option selections are valid. Technicon and Tacton go one step further. Our guided sales systems let customers specify their requirements to narrow the selection of options.

For manufacturers, guided selling helps you achieve your business goals by narrowing selections based on ATP (supply chain), price margins and inventory requirements.

Customer requirements, including price and delivery time constraints, are captured through a series of needs-based questions that can be answered in any sequence. Items that are unimportant to the customer can be skipped, letting the configurator fill in the blanks based on the customer’s other choices.

For products that need to be sized based on specific performance requirements, Tacton integrates with external applications to perform complex calculations. Customers receive the optimal products, sized for their needs.

Technicon and Tacton are also experts in system configuration where independent products, such as lighting controls or food processing equipment, are configured to specify a validated system of products that work together.

For complex products, seeing is believing. Incorporating 3D visualization tools in the configuration process lets your customers examine the configured product from all angles. When customers can visually validate that products are correct, they order with confidence and without delay. Sales cycles are shortened; returns eliminated.

Point and click to create and test data and rules

A configurator is only as good as your ability to enter and maintain the data and rules that drive it. With Tacton’s TCstudio modeling tool, engineers and product managers point and click to define constraints without programming.

Configuration logic is separated from product information, making it simple to update products. Your product specialists focus on innovation and product development, rather than building configurator rules.

TCstudio Testbench automates the testing of configuration models before they go into production, freeing product specialists to concentrate on getting products to market. Validated configuration models get into the hands of your customers faster, saving you time and money in quality assurance.

An integrated solution

Configuration is only one part of the sales process. Seamlessly integrated with ERP, CRM, PLM and CAD systems, one underlying set of product constraints can support multiple functions, including compliance and traceability initiatives, custom engineering and order processing.

With Technicon and Tacton, you can automate your entire quote-to-production process. Integrated with PLM systems, configuration becomes an integral part of the entire product development workflow.


  • Used by 300+ companies
  • Model the most complex product structures
  • System configuration
  • 3D visualization
  • Constraint-based
  • Easily maintained with no programming
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Part of complete end-to-end solutions